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Gobo pattern wash is one of our most popular services. It is perfect for wedding celebrations, corporate, and social events. This service lets us carefully project patterns, and in return gives your walls, ceiling or floors an elegant and fun focal point. The pattern you choose will greatly impact the space and decor. There are thousands of patterns to choose from. Our design team will sit down with you to custom craft a design that is currently not available. Our gobo pattern wash is a great compliment and enhancement to any of our other lighting services. This includes uplighting, gobo monogram projection (“name in lights”), and intelligent lighting. Whether you are looking to cover up a plain boring wall or add some extra elegance to your wedding celebration, our gobo pattern wash is the right choice for your decor.

Name in Lights

A custom gobo monogram (also know as “Name in Lights”) can personalize your wedding or special event and give it that custom unique look. With a custom gobo monogram, Bliss can design a unique monogram that fits your event or implement your companies current logo. Whether you are looking for something to project on a wall that displays your dream monogram, or maybe a pattern with a specific color that compliments your event, Bliss is fully capable of designing & preparing your unique look for that special day. Our work portfolio of our gobo monogram service below shows couples in their first dance. This first dance photo along with many other pictures taken at your event, can be a nice memory with the “name in lights”. Our service includes a consultation/ design session where we will hand craft a design that is unique from the rest!


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